Route 66 – 100 Word Song

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Atlanta #snOMG 2014 delayed 100 word song this week by a few hours. For those out of the know, my hometown’s metropolitan area was hit by 3 inches of snow and ice during the heart of the day yesterday. There are nightmarish tales of friends and family being stuck in their cars, sleeping in them, spending the night in Home Depots and drug stores and school children stuck in their buses or in their classrooms with their teachers all night. My family got lucky. My 9-year-old was home sick so I looked after her while working from the house until midday until my wife could come home. By 5pm, everyone was inside a house and safe.


Leeroy picked today’s 100 word song and he tends to be as sarcastic as me. He chose Depeche Mode’s 1988 cover of Route 66 as a perverse tribute to Atlanta traffic yesterday.

We go…

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