100 Word Song – Limelight

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With temperatures around the Northern Hemisphere at record lows last week and into this one, I felt compelled to ask for one of our Canadian writers to pick this week’s song. Susan aka @tooienairn from www.polysyllabicprofundities.com chose Rush’s Limelight. I should have seen that coming. Please go see and follow her. Her writing deserves some limelight.

Also, 100 word song will move to Tuesday mornings starting next week. My schedule with my new site, www.leftypop.com has settled into a Wednesday and Friday at 9am each day so this lightens my writing load a little but and Tuesday at 9am was the original home for 100 word song when it started two years ago. This means you have six days to write for Rush’s Limelight. But I never close the link, so don’t freak. Just write.

For my 100, we go back to Silas and Olive on their way back to…

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