Advice 1

Life sucks, doesn't it?

You’re only gonna be remembered for your actions and words, so stop thinking and wishing and start doing.

If you’ve fallen over, staying down will not get you back up.

Not matter what you’re doing, some one else is worse at it.

If some one is talking shit about you to you, crying over it will rarely make them stop. But if you cry hard enough in their face, they’ll probably get annoyed and leave you alone. That’s what I’ve seen, anyway.

Remember, it’s your feet that keep your upright. So train them to be resilient to the crap life gives you.

Life is always going to have obstacles. The people who overcome these obstacles beat life, not the ones who complain about them.

Life sucks, but you should still make the most of it. It’s all you’re going to get.

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