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In 6 days, the 48th Bowl of Super will take over many American television sets and enough international ones placing over a billion set of eyeballs on more than the athletic accomplishments of the Seattle Seahawks and Denver Broncos, but also the commercials. A case can be made that more people care about the ads than the game. This is important because advertising shapes public attitudes and societal conventions. I think the late great but profane dark poet Bill Hicks said it best.

(NSFW language, use ear buds if you’re around kids)

The best example of this died, recently. His name was Eric Lawson. You may know him as the Marlboro Man.

ericlawsonmrlboroman photo source – UK Daily Mail

Lawson died on January 10 from lung cancer. He was 72-years-old. He started smoking at age 14, during an era when two thirds of the American population smoked regularly. In the mid 1950s Marlboro…

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