Crumbling Down

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I grew up in a medium-sized suburb thirty-five miles northeast of Atlanta, Georgia. It was the kind of place where I could leave my parents house on my bicycle at daybreak, return at dusk as my mom turned on the house light and everything would be relatively alright. Most of the parents knew each other, hardly anything really bad ever happened, and the worst part of my day was a bloodied knee or nose due to a heated touch football game or an argument over who was better, Van Halen or Motley Crue.


Atlanta-based WTBS, now known for comedy shows and baseball playoff games, was a sense of pride for us Georgians that showed Atlanta Braves baseball, pro rasslin’, The Three Stooges, Andy Griffith Show, and Leave It To Beaver. A lot of what was broadcast on what we natives called “channel 17” was in black and white. And it was completely unbelievable. No…

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