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The theme for this week’s Twisted Mixtape is make a playlist for a friend who’s blue to cheer them up. I looked at this assignment two ways. http://jenkehl.com/music/songs-about-feeling-better/


1) Most of my friends are my age so I kept the songs to the 1980s and early 1990s because nostalgia makes people feel good, most of the time.

2) I’m making them happy. If someone sent me Clash or Nirvana songs, it would make me somewhat happy (I never get happy happy, like blue skies and palomino ponies, so perspective, here).

*sidenote* – I stepped down from writing for Raisedontheradio.com, no drama to report, I’m just finishing the sequel to The Ballad of Helene Troy, titled Woman of Troy, and committing full-time to my politics and pop culture site, www.leftypop.com with my friends Linda aka @modmomelleroy of www.elleroywashere.com and Natalie aka @singingfool1224 of www.thecatladysings.com,my posts will appear there Wednesdays and Fridays…

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