Do I Wanna Know?

My Blog Can Beat Up Your Blog

Every day my wife and I ask each other a question that seems ridiculous after over five years of marriage.

“Are we okay?”

Those three words are a peephole into each other’s souls. We’re neither person’s first loves but we’re each other’s last. The stuff that came before us is history, pages of a book that can be used for reference by others, but we never open it because we’ve memorized the lessons.

We ask the question to stave off complacency and keep lines of communication tender lovingly cared.

I always want to know until I don’t want to know.

****blogger’s note****

I had trouble using peephole, my friend Velvet Verbosity’s word prompt for her 100 word challenge this week, for my Silas and Olive fiction story. So, I went personal.

I can’t wait for my wife and I to ask “are we okay” at least five times, tonight. It…

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