Father And Daughter

My Blog Can Beat Up Your Blog

I stood crying in front of the greeting cards section in Wal-Mart not because I couldn’t find the right one but because I knew what I needed to say inside of whatever I chose. Today, my daughter, Tay,  turns eighteen-years-old and it’s her most important birthday because her life is about to change, completely and forever. I thought about what I wanted to say then settled on what she needed to read. I bought a card with a cupcake on the front and a simple message about how amazing she is, in the fold. But I added in the margins. I hope she ignores her dopey, self-indulgent writer dope of a dad and takes the words to heart. Here’s what I wrote.


“Dear Beautiful,

Today you turn 18, an age most people consider a milestone. You’re eligible to do things you’re never done before. But I hope you look at…

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