Glenn Greenwald V.S. Bill Keller


In a heated debate between Glenn Greenwald and Bill Keller, both sides argue about the best method of journalism. I am way more inclined to side with Greenwald who brings an answer to every question and then some. Keller’s argument begins to break down once Greenwald speaks about the loyalty the New York Times has for the American government. During a dictator’s rule on his country the Times has no problem calling water-boarding “torture”, but when the American government was caught water-boarding the Times failed to call it “torture”.  This sense of sympathy to the American government goes against everything journalism stands for. The media is regarded as the “Fourth Estate”, an unofficial branch of the American government. It is each branch’s responsibility to check and balance the power of the other branches. The media cannot be aiding the government by disregarding their actions and labeling their crimes as anything…

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