Pink Flamingos

Panda's Choice


  • Directed by:  John Waters
  • With: Divine, David Lochary
  • 93 Minutes
  • IMDb: 6.1

Review: I was so shocked with “Pink Flamingos” that it’s hard, I mean really hard to give my opinion about it. “Pink Flamingos” was so difficult to watch. I was not expecting anything like this. I felt nauseated while watching some scenes of the film and I can’t understand why this was made.


The war between Connie & Raymond Marble and Divine for the title of “The Filthiest Person Alive” almost drove me mad, because i could count with my fingers the number of minutes when happened normal things in “Pink Flamingos”.


I know that probably you think I am being too rude, mostly because “Pink Flamingos” it’s a classic and a well known cult movie but I thought it was sick and nasty. But, even though I felt nauseated with the film,


I had to admit that John…

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