Super Hero Project

Butterscotch Grove

My Boy is interested in our history project on the Civil War, and is learning a lot by his (usually reluctant) participation in it.  He can tell you, for instance, that the Emancipation Proclamation didn’t free all slaves in the US, just those in the Confederate States (slave-holding border states loyal to the Union were exempt).  He can tell you that Harriet Tubman led over 300 slaves to freedom and spied for the Union during the war.  And as I mentioned previously, he wants to visit Gettysburg to see the monuments (this would require a cross-country trip that would take us very close to the grandparents, so there may be an ulterior motive here.)

So, yeah, some of this stuff is sinking in.  The thing that really floats his boat, though, is anything having to do with comic book super-heroes.  Mostly from the Marvel universe, though he’s not anti-DC. …

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