The Past is Made of Family History

Butterscotch Grove

For the past month or so in our homeschool, we have been investigating the American Civil War.  What a fantastic topic for a unit study!  It can include history, geography, science (Physics of cannon balls? Anatomy?  Biology and bacteriology?), art (photography, battlefield sketches done for newspapers), math (percentages, averages, distance, multiplication – if 26 soldiers received $13 per month for a 3 year tour of duty…), writing (recruitment posters, letters to and from the front, newspaper articles, speeches), debate, reading (many historical novels for kids deal with this period, in addition to textbooks and nonfiction accounts); philosophy;  human rights…we could probably work in P.E. if it weren’t January in Alaska.  I doubt any Union or Confederate soldiers did much drilling or marching in temperatures below 0 degrees Fahrenheit.

All of this is wonderful stuff, and lets us dig deeper into the topic than we would if my Boy and Girl…

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