TORONTO: Celebrating Our Men In Dance Showcase Presentation… Only SOME PEOPLE Allowed

Shawn Byfield - Certified Public Speaker, Dance Authority & Entrepreneur

Sheesh! Some People…

Ok. I really shouldn’t have to convince anyone why you should support Toronto Theatre! But I realize more and more that people (not you, just “people”) tend to get lazy or indifferent when it comes to supporting the arts and culture.

Yet, those same people will sit home and watch TV all night. Not realizing that if it weren’t for live theatre, many of those actors, dancers and other artists wouldn’t have the opportunity to BE on television- if they weren’t supported in their local theatre community first.

For instance…
*cue black gurrl with head bobble*

Would you even know who Gene Kelly was? Read my “Impatient, Entitled, Wanna-Be Choreographers, Actors, etc” post.

So to convince you (I mean, people) that this is important, worthy stuff, here’s my…

Top 5 Awesome Reasons To Support Celebrating Our Men In Dance Showcase Presentation

  1. Support Black History Month. Because…

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