100 Word Song – I Saw Her Standing There

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In case you aren’t attention to anything media-related, it’s the 50th anniversary of The Beatles invading America. So, everything this week pertaining to music history seems tied to the Fab Four. On February 9th, 1964, they made their television debut on the Ed Sullivan Show. Two days later, today, February 11th, they made their live concert debut at the Washington Coliseum in D.C.


Over 350 police surrounded the stage to keep the 8,000 plus screaming fans under control. One policeman found the noise so loud, he stuck a bullet in each ear as plugs. The Beatles had to stop 3 times, turn Ringo’s drums around then re-position their microphones so that they faced a different part of the audience. The set list included today’s 100 word song, I Saw Her Standing There, one of 10 songs they wrote their first album, Please Please Me, 51 years ago this week, in 1963. I Saw Her Standing There was the…

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