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Olive kicked the dashboard and spewed several curse words as Silas followed Bart into the driveway of the house. Silas put the Cutlass into park, turned off the engine then leaned into a still irate Olive.

“Liv, please, you have to help me, here. Bart saw us, he carries a gun, and he knows what happened to us back home in Atlanta. So, you’ve got to calm down or he’ll know we were taking off.”

She became still. Silas braced for the worst. They watched Bart get out of his car and loiter near theirs. Olive rolled her window down and smiled.

“Can you give us a minute, Bart? I’m just talking to Silas about my new job. Tell Zola we’ll be in and I’ll help her with dinner, if she wants.”

Bart shrugged his shoulders, lit a cigarette and walked around the back of the house toward the deck. Olive rolled…

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