Last Cigarette

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Last time:

Silas wanted to punch him in the face. He eyed the bridge of Bart’s long, thin nose and curled his fingers into a tight fist. Bart leaned into him to examine the rose-colored bruise under his eye.

“That doesn’t look good. I should’ve warned you about the Finns. They’re old school.”

Silas released his vise grip and changed the subject.

“Can I have a smoke?”

Bart’s thin-lipped grin showed mischief.

“You deserve something extra.”

He produced a marijuana joint and lighter from his shirt pocket. Silas lit it and took the first puff. Bart said.

“Let’s talk about tomorrow’s deliveries.”

****blogger’s note****

This is a new 100 word story episode linked to ‘s 100 word prompt – “rose”.

Today’s song comes from the time frame of the story, 1989, and Dramarama’s Last Cigarette.

You know what would make lovely Valentine’s Day gifts? My books.


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