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I’m learning to walk again. The leg soreness feels amazing. For two weeks, I’ve been hoofing it while working in New York City, accumulating over a dozen miles discovering delicious Chinese food in Jamaica Queens, mouth-watering pizza in the Bronx and a scrumptious diner burger in Brooklyn.

Where I live, in suburban Atlanta, no one walks unless it’s on a gym treadmill. I think I’ve been missing something as a result. Being out of my car, I smell the city, hear the bustle, and absorb the culture. While I miss the sweet tea philosophy of Georgia, I’m appreciating New York’s walk.

******blogger’s note*****

I’m working a project in New York City for the next few weeks. I’ve been several times, as a tourist and working. But it had been several years since I’d been here, 2007, I think. This piece is for my buddy velvet from www.velvetverbosity.com and her “Tea” prompt.

Today’s song is from Foo Fighters. Let it rip…and walk it off.

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