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If you pay attention to your children, they’ll teach you things you thought you already knew or that you forgot a long time ago. My 9-year-old daughter started her second ever season of softball this past week. Watching her fierce blonde pony-tail scoop up grounders at third base on a field ravaged by unseasonable melted snow and ice, I understood why I love baseball (and its off-shoot, softball) so much. And it has nothing to do with multi-million dollar contracts and steroids.


My relationship with baseball  has mirrored mine with women. Like my first marriage, my affair with baseball went through a divorce, after the major league baseball’s players’ strike/lockout of 1994. But like my second chance at love a few years ago, I found my way back to baseball.

My youngest daughter’s interest in softball thrills me. I played baseball from the age of 5 to 15 in Little League…

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