Downtown Train

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I sat on the #2 headed to the Empire State Building using my flu-stricken co-worker’s head-holding lean to conceal my notebook and re-wrote several paragraphs of my novel. My stomach growled from skipping lunch but my pencil never stopped even when the subway did.

Nothing convinced me more that I should’ve been a New Yorker than scribing on a downtown train. The squeal of the rails, the smell of over-applied perfumes and after-shaves, and the anticipation of a door opening to a landmark felt as much like home as anything else.

It felt good to be a writer in the city.

****blogger’s note*****

I’ve been working at my real job in New York City for the past 3 weeks. Several times I stole moments to write. This was one. This is matched with my friend velvet aka @velvetverbosity ‘s one word prompt “lunch”.

Here’s the great Tom Waits.

I wrote two books. They got good reviews…

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