100 Word Song – When I Was Your Man

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I like new people at 100 word song. We have one this week – Cheryl from Stories For The Heart http://cshowers.wordpress.com/2014/03/06/lonely-boy/. Go say hello. She writes very well and gave us a terrific interpretation of last week’s 100 word song – Lonely Boy by The Black Keys. Leeroy and the 100 word song welcoming committee asked her to pitch in this week’s song choice. She ponied up Bruno Mars’ When I Was Your Man. It doesn’t really fit my Silas and Olive story but looking over my manuscript for my soon to be released third book, Woman Of Troy, the sequel to my first, The Ballad of Helene Troy, I found a passage that matches up with the Super Bowl performer’s hit.

Here’s my 100.

Helene felt Ramona behind her as the last keys of piano reverberated off the concert hall. The audience exploded with applause. Helene turned and faced…

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