Example Hiring Plan at Different Startup Stages

David Cummings on Startups

Let’s say you have this great working prototype assembled with a few early paying customers and just raised $250,000 in seed money. Now, assuming things go well, and you’re thinking big, you’re on a path to raise money every 12-18 months and (hopefully) build a huge company.

Here’s an example of how things might go at each stage:

  • Idea Stage – Two co-founders (one with domain expertise and one technical) come up with an idea, scrape some money together, and get a prototype built
  • Seed Stage – Hire a lead developer and employ some contractors to help polish a few elements as part of the search for product/market fit
  • Series A – With product/market fit in place and 100 paying customers, the multi-million dollar Series A is secured and it’s time to hire two more engineers, a marketing manager, customer success manager, sales manager, and two sales reps (always hire sales…

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