Let’s Stick Together

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Nothing proves how into to my marriage I am than watching HGTV shows with my wife.

Last night she introduced me to Property Brothers, two metrosexual twins; a real estate agent and a contractor, who find couples houses to buy or fix-up.


I watched a bickering couple with little in common re-do a $600,000 house. Five minutes in, I said “Honey, why are they doing this? They hate each other. They’ll split it in five years.”

Her laughter-filled retort of “yep, doubt they watch shows like this, together” let me know my key would work in our doors for a while.

*****blogger’s note****

This is 100 words for my buddy Vel www.velvetverbosity.com ‘s one -word prompt of “marriage”. What do you do with your significant other than shows commitment. Because if I didn’t dig my wife so much, HGTV would never be on a television I own.

I haven’t listened to Bryan Ferry or Roxy Music is a very…

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