Mental Hopscotch

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It’s St. Patrick’s Day and I’m not the least bit Irish; I don’t drink or fight anymore, but I do worry and write a lot. So in “celebration” I’m going to burrow through some writer’s block and play what underrated 1980s new wave band Missing Persons and I call Mental Hopscotch.


– I admired the comic stylings of the late, great Greg Giraldo but his bit about people celebrities checking into the hospital with exhaustion was stupid because he just had to take a “nappy poo” and everything was better” is wrong. After 3 weeks of traveling (by plane and car) to New York City from Atlanta I almost collapsed this weekend. It took a 10-hour night’s sleep, two 2-hour naps, and several showers for me to function, today. Exhaustion is real. I’m sorry I doubted you, Lindsay Lohan.

– The secret to weight loss is consumption/portions. I’ve been running every…

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