New orbit campaign abandons campy blond chick for Sarah Silverman (and her Spanish speaking compadre).

Gods of Advertising

Orbit number one

Orbit numero dos

I’m not going to editorialize (too much) on Orbit gum’s new ad campaign, featuring comedienne, Sarah Silverman. It’s certainly watchable, though the brand and agency have arguably done better. Worth noting I’m not a big fan of anthropomorphizing objects like gloves and coffee cups.

Interesting, however, is the brand’s nearly total about face in protagonist -from longtime campy blond spokesperson (the so-called Orbit girl) to an edgy Jewish gal, Ms. Silverman. No two women could be more dissimilar! Not too long ago it would be the “ethnic” gal being dinged for the perky blond. Progress!

Adios, blondie.

Especially intriguing (or is silly a better word?) is the hispanic version of the same TV commercial I discovered while previewing the original. As far as I can tell, the two spots are virtually identical, save for the actors and language.

Over the years I’ve had countless…

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