Walkthrough of the 1st Floor at the Atlanta Tech Village

David Cummings on Startups

Today we received our certificate of occupancy and opened the 1st floor at the Atlanta Tech Village. Now, the 1st floor is very different from the other floors (standard floor, 2nd floor) in that it is primarily amenities. From a buildout and design perspective, the 1st floor was much more complicated due to the hardwood floors, custom millwork, and more intricate ceilings.

Let’s take a look at the 1st floor:

village community center and coworking

village community center from game room

Community Center (Lounge) and Coworking

  • 20 coworking desks
  • Three sofas
  • Two kegs
  • One bar
  • Idea paint walls
  • Reclaimed Oak floors (stained to look like Bamboo)

village game room

Game Room

  • Two 70″ TVs
  • Xbox and Playstation
  • Ping pong table
  • More goodies coming soon

village classroomClassroom

  • Room for 16 desks
  • Two 90″ TVs

village board roomBoard Room 1

  • Room for 20 people
  • One 70″ TV

village board room2

Board Room 2

  • Room for 20 people
  • One 70″ TV

village conference center

Conference Center

  • Room for 200+ chairs
  • Two 90″…

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