100 Word Song – Woke Up This Morning

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Today’s 100 word song comes from my writing partner and good friend, Tar Rah aka @Tara_R from http://www.thinspiralnotebook.com . She and I are used to noir and shady characters as we co-wrote the stories about our female killers Millicent and Pauley. I’ve known Tara for nearly 4 years as she was one of the first writers I met after starting my blog. My 100 today is not only a new story episode of Silas and Olive called Light of Day about 2 19-year-old lovers on the run in 1989 Florida but also linked to Velvet Verbosity http://www.velvetverbosity.com ‘s one word prompt “mill”. Tar Rah picked Alabama 3’s Woke Up This Morning. You may recognize it as the theme song from The Sopranos. I went for atmosphere in terms of interpretation. The feel of this matches my 100. Go see Tara and Velvet. They’re amazing writers and better people.

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