Happiness Is A Warm Gun

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The weight of the .38 forced itself down Silas’ hip and he could feel it move toward his rear end. He stopped a few feet from the of the warehouse, put his hand on the gun, and adjusted it so he could walk easier. After covering the handle with the bottom of his t-shirt, he realized his jeans were loose. The stress and lack of eating of the past few days had caused him to lose weight. He lagged behind Bart by several feet so he called out.

“Hey, wait up. I don’t think this is going to work.”

Bart opened the door of the building and turned around with a menacing face.

“No time for this second-guessing bullshit, Silas. Just do as I planned and you can go home to your girlfriend with some cash in your pocket.”

Silas remained calm. He’d handled guns several times in his life…

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