Tech Square Labs: Billion Dollar Startups

David Cummings on Startups

Paul Judge  set the stage earlier this week with  Unicorns in Atlanta: A Look at Atlanta’s Billion Dollar Exits and Current Promising Startups . Atlanta has had a number of billion dollar exits over the years but there’s a desire to have more. Many more. Today, Urvaksh announced that Paul Judge and Allen Nance are launching Tech Square Labs in his article Atlanta techpreneurs launch “studio” to turn ideas into billion-dollar exits .

Tech Square Labs, no relation to Tech Square Ventures, is a hybrid incubator and private coworking space. It’s an Incubator in the true sense of the word where Paul and Allen role up their sleeves and help other entrepreneurs commercialize and launch their ideas. As compared to the dot com days, this model is different in that it’s only capital from Paul and Allen, combined with serious sweat equity. With up to six companies at a time, it’ll be an exclusive group.

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