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When you tell non-writers you’re a writer they always ask “so what are you working on?” or “well, what have you written?”. When someone tells me they sell insurance I never ask for one of their policies. If somebody drops that their landscaper I don’t want them to plant shrubbery for me. Writing is work, trust me.
My fellow writers know how this feels and that’s why they come up with ways for us to show off.
My dear friend and writing partner Tara included me in a blog tour where I can highlight my “WIPs” aka works in progress.
My Writing Process – Blog Tour
Step 1: Acknowledge the person & site that involved you in the blog tour – that’s me at
Step 2: Answer  4 questions about your writing process
1) What am I working on?
From a non-fiction point of view, I tri-crated and help…

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