Time to Wow

David Cummings on Startups

David Skok has a great new article up on his blog titled Growth Hacking Free Trials: Time to Wow! is the key to success. The idea is that whenever a startup has a free trial, the most important thing is getting the prospect to use enough of the product that they achieve a sense of satisfaction and level of success so that they come back. Now, this doesn’t mean they have to use every feature. What it does mean is that there’s often a critical module or function that provides a tremendous amount of value, and once the lead successfully uses it, the chance of converting into a customer goes up considerably.

Here are five questions David asks:

  • How long does it takes to get to Wow!? (Time to Wow!)
  • What is the drop out rate of trial users on their way to Wow!?
  • Is the Wow! moment clear and strong…

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