Growth-Oriented Entrepreneur Required

David Cummings on Startups

Earlier today I was talking to a serial entrepreneur about patterns of success he’s seen in other entrepreneurs. His assertion: every startup needs to have a growth-oriented entrepreneur on the team. Growth, often synonymous with sales, is about moving the business forward in a revenue-focused manner. There are many smart, hard-working entrepreneurs out there that haven’t achieved success, and, in general, they focus too much attention on non-revenue generating parts of the business. Sales and marketing is a critical part of success and most entrepreneurs don’t figure it out.

Here are a few thoughts on the need for a growth-oriented entrepreneur:

  • Growth isn’t purely about selling, but having someone that can sell absolutely helps
  • Revenue can come from direct and indirect sales, partnerships, etc — the key is that someone is passionate about it
  • If something can’t be sold, or the market isn’t ready, a growth-oriented entrepreneur is going to find an opportunity…

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