The Canada Goose – An Animal to Love or Hate?

Hey from Japan- or wherever the moving van arrives- Emily Cannell

The answer depends on which side of the border you reside.

I will speak on behalf of all Americans- We`ve all slipped in green poo.

Most of the infamous Canada geese who purportedly fly south for the winter end up in the state of Pennsylvania. My personal belief is that the mixture of corn fields and huge landing pads makes for a perfect goose Nirvana. Majestic when heading south in the V-formation, these super flyers morph once hitting the ground, becoming a different species all together. Something along the lines of a winged, attack dog. I`d rather run up on a flying monkey.

The company I worked for had hundreds of acres of pristine country farmland which  doubled as a much-loved rest stop for the geese. A blinking neon wing unseen to the human eye pointed out this geese oasis. As attractive as a road side Cracker Barrel, most never…

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