Atlanta Tech Village Accelerates Early User Acquisition

David Cummings on Startups

Yesterday I was walking through the Atlanta Tech Village introducing an entrepreneur to other entrepreneurs that could use his cloud-based product. As an entrepreneur, one of the most challenging and time consuming tasks is getting companies to actually use and provide feedback on a new product. Yes, with customer discovery companies should be engaged before building the product but often times more companies are needed to evaluate the product once it’s under construction.

Enter a community of like-minded entrepreneurs.

Actively paying it forward and helping each other out by using a new product and making introductions to potential users, there’s an accelerated timeline to achieving product/market fit (stage 1). And, all too often, it’s an accelerated process to realize that there’s not enough pain or demand in the market, so it’s time to pivot and go a new direction.

The next time users and introductions are needed, consider getting involved in a…

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