Notes from Brad Feld’s Atlanta Tech Village Talk

David Cummings on Startups

Today Brad Feld did a great video chat with 50 entrepreneurs at the Atlanta Tech Village. Kyle Porter ran the event asking a number of questions directly as well as coordinating audience questions. Here are a few notes from Brad Feld’s talk:

  • Corporate culture should simply be called culture and the word “corporate” should be dropped
  • Culture is paramount to everything and is one of the reasons Gnip was able to execute so well and get acquired by Twitter for a large sum
  • Culture isn’t one size fits all — it’s critical that’s it’s defined and consistent in a company (some companies have a strong culture of nice people and other companies have a strong culture of people who routinely yell at each other)
  • Startup communities must be lead by entrepreneurs and not government or universities
  • Startup communities need to be inclusive of everyone and let all types of events and groups form…

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