Its about “DEMAK” my hometown

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Demak is the first islamic kingdom in java island. Islam has been spreaded to Demak by islamic leader called “Sunan”, and the most famous Sunan in Demak is Sunan Kalijaga. His original name is Raden Mas Said. He teached islam to Demak inhabitant with cultural approachment for example he use “wayang”,a javanese doll, to explain islam. These cause Demak has a lot of multicultural “Islamic-Hinduism” tradition like “Syawalan”, “Grebeg Besar”, “Sedekah Bumi”.
The first is Syawalan. According to its name, Syawalan come from arabic “syawal”. It is held a week after iedul fitri every year. The main purpose of these tradition is expression of gratitude to God by drifting a “tumpeng”,a conical yellow rice and granish, to the sea. Before that “tumpeng” has drifted to the sea, an elder pray for it. A lot of poeple participate by watching it in seashore, they beliefe by these ceremonial God will bless…

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