100 Word Song – Passionate Kisses

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Happy day after Memorial Day. Thanks to Renee’ for the great Jackson Browne song last week. Despite the holiday, we had some terrific entries. Leeroy asked my @lefty_pop http://www.leftypop.com partner in crime Linda aka @modmomellroy was http://www.elleroywashere.com to pick this week’s song. We share a deep admiration for Lucinda Williams, maybe the greatest alt-country artist ever. Between us, we’ve seen her live a half-dozen times. She picked her late 1980s classic, Passionate Kisses, which fits my story well.

Here’s my 100, back to Silas, Olive and Zola, in 1989 Florida, killing and blackmailing their way into more trouble.

Last time:

Finn Brothers garage was different that the day before. It still smelled like grease and tobacco, but female sung country music filled the space. Silas saw neither Roscoe or Kenny but a smiling middle-aged man whose shirt tag read “Archie”. It was Roscoe’s straight-laced brother.

“Zola, this isn’t the guy…

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