Finding a Rhythm as an Entrepreneur With a Family

David Cummings on Startups

Several weeks ago a young professional that wants to be an entrepreneur approached me for advice about being an entrepreneur and having a family. He had just had his first child and was looking for ideas. Having spent time thinking through this I offered up a fews ideas:

  • Write down a set of rules and guidelines and share them with your spouse (getting everyone on the same page is critical)
  • No more than one early breakfast meeting and evening meeting per week (e.g. networking event or professional meeting)
  • Have dinner with the kid(s) at least five nights per week
  • No more than five business days of travel per quarter (some jobs make this difficult to achieve)
  • One week of vacation for the entire family per quarter (must go out of town)
  • Hold a weekly date night and leave the kid(s) with a babysitter

Developing a rhythm like this results in clear expectations…

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